Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why do I call the Tea Baggers Tea Bagger?

Mostly it's because they are nothing like the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party was fighting against
unfair tax advantages that the East India Trading company enjoyed while future Americans suffered higher taxation for the same product and with no representative in British Parliament to have any hope of fair trade. The tea baggers are fighting for unfair taxation in favor of corporations while the average American suffers higher taxes and unfair business practices.

Also because the tea baggers called themselves tea baggers log before I ever did
They even had rallies saying they were going to "Tea Bag the White House", etc. 
Some tea baggers even wore tea bags hanging from their hats dangling in their faces, they did this themselves, nobody from the Left gave them these hats

And once the fools who came up with the name Tea Bagger figured out what it actually means and suddenly it became "hate speech"! But that didn't stop them from wearing tea bags dangling in their faces, so maybe they didn't actually learn what it means.
These are the people saying that Washington doesn't know what it's doing!  And while that may be true in some cases...do you really want to take this guys word for it?

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